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Beam Paints

Beam Paints Travel Cards - Assorted Styles

Beam Paints Travel Cards - Assorted Styles

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We are thrilled to support this amazing business and to carry original Beam Paints art supplies in our shop!  Beam Paints is the result of a multi-generational family love of pigment, paint, colour, and innovation.  They are dedicated to celebrating their indigenous roots offering handmade, plastic free paints and beautifully crafted art supplies. They manufacture and ship all of their colours from their family workshops in M’Chigeeng First Nation on beautiful Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron, one of the five Great Lakes in Ontario, Canada.

We are fascinated with everything they make and absolutely love the ability to create art on the go!  If you’ve been looking to try Beam Paints this is for you! These dot travel cards have the most beautiful colors which each last an incredibly long amount of time! 

Designed to be portable packs of sweetness and punch, they are all plastic and metal-free.  Shop online or come see them in our studio, they are sure to be your new favourites!

Cool add on ~ 'Fragile Like a Bomb' sticker! 

*Handmade *100% Indigenous Family Entrepreneurship *Natural materials *Eco-friendly 

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