We Are Artist Generations

A picture of Reni Fee and Wendy Fee, owners of Artist Generations Art Studio in Valois Village, Pointe-Claire, Quebec.

We are Reni and Wendy Fee.  We are artists.  We are entrepreneurs.  We are Montrealers.  We are family.  We are friends.  We are mothers.  We are dreamers.  We are martini drinkers.  We are originals.  We are Artist Generations.

We are a mother and daughter team that have always wanted to work and collaborate together.  2017 was the year that we looked at each other and decided it’s now or never, time to take action and put our dreams into motion.  We both have strong artistic and business backgrounds and have always been entrepreneurs at heart. 

When it comes to fashion both of us like to stand out.  We do not wear it unless it’s very different, colorful and fresh.  Not satisfied with the generic selections in shops or the expensive and inaccessible haute couture offerings we turned to our artwork and thought why not wear art?’.  Since then we have been creating wearable art, accessories and home interiors along with our original artwork.

We have always been inspired by the generations of women in our lives and by many other strong women each day, past and present.  Our ambition is to represent this sense of bold beauty in our work and to pass on our creative knowledge to future generations of strong women.

Artist Generation’s primary goal is to continually nurture our creative process and share it with those individuals who strive to add beauty to the everyday and the ordinary.  We will do this by creating fine art and transposing the image onto unique, must have pieces that will enhance moods and energy levels each and every time.

As a mother and daughter team we will always collaborate, share our successes, support each other in our mistakes, and above all, always have fun. We will seek out every opportunity to promote females of all ages and embrace those males in our world that do the same.

Thank you for supporting our small 'art-based' business! Reni & Wendy xx