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Why We Love Our Leggings!

Whether it's hitting the gym or dancing the night away our leggings have you covered!  Super stylish, crazy colourful and always comfortable you will never be disappointed but here’s why….

The Fit

Let’s start with that they fit well.  Like really well.  The high waist is comfortable, flattering & can be worn with almost anything.  The waistband itself is made with fabric (not elastic) so is great for movement and will not feel like they are slicing you in half at the end of the day.  They look good under a sweater or a dress & won’t show your underwear or bum when you strike a pose at the gym.  Not everyone likes a high waist and we get it which is why we recently launched our street leggings ~ equally as fab just a different style of waist. 

Artist Generations-Leggings-The Shoe

Also big believers in 'Strong Is The New Pretty'!

Artist Generations-Leggings-The Shoe

The Fabric

We are pleased to offer you a custom fabric thanks to our local manufacturer who created an 88% polyester and 12% spandex unique fabric.  This blend of materials offers some compression but most importantly amazing stretchability and recovery. It is moisture-wicking which is critical to anyone living in a cold climate like us or at the gym!  Our polyester blend is made specifically to pull the moisture away from your body and allow it to escape the fabric.  And as well as wicking moisture naturally they are quick dry and super easy to care for.  Our leggings will look new forever as the colours do not fade and the fabric will not pill or lose it’s shape. 


You are literally wearing art!  We think this is seriously cool.  One-of-a-kind leggings that not only feel & fit well but are amazing to look at!  We all have a pair of black leggings but c’mon now…embrace your inner colorful self!

Artist Generations-Leggings-Capris

Life Savers

A pair of leggings will never be as special as your old faded blue jeans but the beauty of leggings is that there are options out there for basically everyone. Where many of us struggle with jeans (we all have that pair in the closet that we will one day fit back into!) the stretch in leggings means they conform to many different body types. Our leggings stretch both across the leg and up and down the body and tuck you in comfortably in all the right places.  Our leggings fit true to size, to find your perfect fit please consult our Size Chart.  We also offer little ‘mini-me’ sizes for the adorable little people in your life!

Artist Generations-Youth Leggings-Pretty In Purple

The Cost

Our adult leggings retail at $65 Canadian per pair.  That’s even cheaper if you live in the United States or Europe.  Our wearable art needs to be unique, comfortable but most importantly we want it to be accessible and affordable.  We are proud to be able to offer our high quality leggings to our customers at a great price!  

What Do You Think Makes The Perfect Pair Of Leggings?

Yes we are in love with our leggings but we also always aim to improve.  What features would you like to see added to our leggings?  Send us specifics and we will happily work with our manufacturer to try and make it happen.  Let us know in the comments below or contact us directly; we’d love to hear from you!  Some recommendations that we have already taken note of are more sizing options, longer legs, pockets & gussets.   What do you think?

Thanks for reading! 

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Merci Sylvie! Just added the inseam measurements to our size chart, thanks for your feedback!
Thanks again, Reni & Wendy

Artist Generations
Congratulations on the new leggings. In your size chart, can you add the inseam? Thank you for reading.
Sylvie Lafrenière

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