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What’s In Your Magic Bag of Tricks?

I’m a mom so I seriously appreciate a good ‘do-everything-for-youtote bag and since I’ve been testing ours out for awhile now I figured it’s time we devoted a little attention to our flagship product!  A year ago we launched Artist Generations with our Cosmic Jelly bags & have not looked back since!

We instantly loved our tote design as we were able to feature vibrant art inside and out. They have an adjustable strap for comfort and are made from 14" x 17" soft and supple neoprene that stretches to fit whatever you can throw at it...or in it...for real!

Will start by saying that first off they really are a ‘Mary Poppins’ type bag of magic tricks.  I kid you not; they grow with you and allow you to just go with the flow…floating through life like a zen human extraordinaire!  I put so much in my tote bag that I feel ready to conquer the world!  There is nothing that my crazy kids or crazy life can throw at me that I’m not prepared for…or maybe that’s the Girl Guide leader in me but I like to think it’s the magic tote! 

Sometimes I am honestly amazed at the strength of our totes tested out regularly by the amount of crap I put in mine – food, wallet, gigantic epipen, asthma puffers, spare clothes, books, kid stuff, glitter, chargers, can opener, clutch, turtle supplies… get the picture….don’t ask about the turtle supplies!

This is me and my tote – I use it every single day and have basically forgotten about all other bags.

Artist Generations - Tote Bag - Reni Fee   Artist Generations Studio - Reni Fee

I have to admit however that one thing that does help me keep the chaos at bay is a little clutch / zipper carry-all thrown in for good measure.  Took us a couple of months to realize this which is why we added clutches to our collection in December 2018.  To say we love them is an understatement but that’s another story.  My Bahamian Rhapsody clutch (also a staple) is always in my tote & holds my little treasures in life like lip balm, earrings, phone & favorite pens….

Artist Generations - Clutch

Also let me make this clear – just cuz I’m a mom and love our totes it does not mean that they are just ‘mom’ bags!  They are great for so many things such as….

Biking!  They are bike friendly in that they are ‘messenger bag style’ with an adjustable strap that allows you to center the tote perfectly on your back for safe biking...

Artist Generations - Tote Bag

Groceries!  For those of us who aren’t stuck having to feed an army this tote is for you!  It will fit a small shop to the local market or individual grocery list no problem and looks better than any other grocery bag out there...

Artist Generations - Tote Bag

Travel!  Oh my goodness do these bags travel well.  They are light, easy to wash and realistically do not show dirt.  Because they are covered in art your pen could pop and leak ink everywhere and it will just blend in naturally with the design ~ win win!  Pictured here is our adventurous friend Kristin who took her magic bag of tricks to Paris and another beautiful client who wears hers around town in Belgium! 

Artist Generations - Tote Bag     Artist Generations - Tote Bag

Lastly kids!  If you have kids or know kids this bag rocks for them.  Soccer practice, swim meets, sleepovers, library books…whatever they need a bag for our totes really do the trick.  Funky and fun all kids we know love them!

Artist Generations - Tote Bags

So that’s that!  I will leave you with a Tote Bag Testimonial from my good friend Kate who always makes me smile...she is incredibly smart, super funny, an amazing mom to three great kids & very beautiful inside and out!

"Equal parts pretty and practical, the amazing Artist Generations tote has strength to spare.  Soft and elegant, yes, but sturdy and spacious enough for everything I need - and plenty more! I love that it's crafted in Canada and designed by local artists. (Okay, and I'm proud of being their friend.) The print I chose still makes me smile and carrying a piece of original art is so much more fun than a regular purse. Thank you, ladies, for realizing your vision and sharing your creative talent in this way. Your tote rocks, and so do you!" – Kate Doe

Artist Generations - Tote Bags

So what’s in your bag of tricks?  Do you need a new one?  We say why not!  Comment below, we have 1 last limited edition Jelly Tote (featured below) to give away to the best answer.  Thanks for reading!  Reni

Artist Generations - Tote Bags

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Love it Joan Hudson!!

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Definitely! For Dorval Island ferry tickets, with bills to match! J.

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