The Shoe

The Shoe

I’ll start out by saying I’m really attached to this painting.  When The Shoe came to life I had not painted anything in what seemed like ages so it was really The Shoe that inspired me to keep going & to do my best to carve out time for art. 

At the time I was taking a weekly art course where the assignment was to bring in something to paint – a photograph, a magazine clipping, a piece of fruit, etc.  The morning of I was scrambling to get there on time and at the last second I remembered the assignment.  Completely stumped and with no time to do anything differently I grabbed my favorite pair of sneakers and headed out the door.  By the time I got to class I had decided to paint my shoes.  My teacher helped me along the way & I loved getting feedback each week from all the other talented artists in the class.

The Shoe took several months to paint and even longer to dry but by the time it was done I was in love.  It just makes me smile and brings back so many great memories when I think of everywhere those shoes have been.  The Shoe for me represents the road less traveled and is a constant reminder to just get up and go. Picture below is the first time The Shoe was ever exhibited at the Dorval Artist Association's Studio Art Expo 2017.

The Shoe - Original Art by Reni Fee

These days the original artwork is hanging at Boucherie Chartier where it was installed as part of Destination Dorval; an initiative to bring more art to the village by partnering local artists with local businesses. 

The Shoe - Boucherie Chartier

The Shoe original painting is Oil on Canvas, 24x24 and currently not for sale. 

Fine Art Prints are available on demand as well as our The Shoe Wearable Art Collection.  I still get such a kick out of seeing my shoe out and about and thank everyone who already wears my art, I am forever chuffed!  

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ps. To see me chatting away about it check out our latest YouTube video The Shoe!

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