Ooooh my new print is GORGEOUS but how do I frame it?  This is a common reaction we get from most of our clients who purchase one of our fine art prints for the first time.  

To enjoy your print in the best way for years to come you need to have it framed and displayed correctly.  Not only will your print look beautiful but it will also be protected!

All of our prints come with an existing 1.5” white border so no need for matting!  Really you want to focus on the frame itself and choose something that’s classy but not too expensive.  We deliberately make our prints in standard sizes so that finding a frame is easy and inexpensive.  Most of our prints require an 11” x 14” frame.  This size is readily available at most big box stores, online and at art supply shops.

Big Blue 11x14

The frame serves two purposes. The first is to protect the print from dust, dirt, and light.  The second is to display your new print in the best possible manner.

Our personal preference is to use museum quality glass or acrylic which is a good alternative.  Glass frames are less expensive, will not warp, are not easily scratched and all in all just look great.  Acrylic frames on the other hand will never break and are less reflective than glass so really both are good options.  

Frames are available in a multitude of materials, colors, and sizes.  Our preference is a simple, elegant, black or white frame that does not take away from the colors of the print.  The material of the frame can be wood or metal. This is sometimes called gallery framing.  Metal frames can be thinner than wooden ones. A personal preference but we prefer wooden frames because of the texture and thin as possible without rounded corners. 

One Love Limited Edition Print

When choosing colour always consider the wall where you're going to hang your print & the style of your room. Also consider if there any other paintings close by and the colors of your furniture. How will everything look together?

Big Blue Limited Edition Print

The style of frame of course depends on your personal preference!  Nothing prevents you from using broad frames, colored frames, fancy frames, etc.  Choose what speaks to you and makes you happy!

Bahamian Rhapsody Limited Edition Print

The usual way to display your print would be to hang it on a wall.  You can hang it on its own to create a focal point or arrange it within a group of prints.  Since most of our prints are small, they tend to look great with within a colourful group.  Another cool way, however, would be to put them on an art shelf.  We love this look and you can then pair them with your favourite plant, candle, etc.  The only piece of advice when hanging would be to avoid direct sunlight.

Big Blue Limited Edition Print

We hope this helps you decide on the framing style for your fine art print.  We’d LOVE to see a picture of your finished frame!  Please tag us on FB or Instagram or txt/email us when you are ready to show it off! 

Happy Framing! 

Wendy & Reni xx 

Artist Generations Art Studio

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