Opalescence Artwork Statement

Opalescence Artwork Statement

Opal Reef” was created onboard Time Out of Mind, our Lagoon 44 catamaran when we were cruising the Abacos. The Opalescent Collection is based on this work and because we no longer own this beautiful boat, every time I wear any piece from this collection I’m filled with all of the most amazing memories of the times and places my family and I have been so fortunate to experience. 

Coral reefs, often called “ rainforests of the sea” form some of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. The profusion of colours and the sea life within has the ability to endlessly fascinate me.

With this as my inspiration, I began “Opal Reef” by creating texture with a palette knife and laying down mediums to sculpt and form reef-like structures. This was followed by a repeating process of washes of paint to reveal the patterns; while building up and scraping down the layers until the soul of the painting was revealed.  In an effort to capture the flashes of colour beneath the surface, I chose a new palette of crimson, vermilion, dioxazine purple, pyrrole orange and my favourite, Indian Yellow Hue. This series is ongoing.

 p.s. Each piece in the Opalescent collection is stunning, however my “go to” are the scarf and the clutch.

The 36 X 36 scarf is easy to wear with your favorite tee and the 50 X 50 scarf works overtime as a wrap at the beach and then dancing into the night!

Opal Reef by Wendy Fee                                       

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