One Love ~ Broken Heart

One Love ~ Broken Heart

I’ll start out by saying that I’ve always loved painting hearts.  Big hearts, little hearts, black hearts, red hearts, doodle hearts.  I just can’t help it, they are fun to paint & make me happy.  Actually come to think of it I love all things ‘heart’.

Our new One Love collection is based on original artwork called ‘Broken’.  It was painted in my basement & must consist of at least 20 layers of paint.  It morphed several times & was not until the very end that I decided I was happy with a big colourful flying heart with angel wings.

Original Artwork - Reni Fee - Broken

The painting itself took several months to paint and even longer to dry but by the time it was done I was truly in love.  So much so that I selfishly kept it to myself and hung it up in my living room!  I love the bright colors & the big size of the original canvas. 

Broken has never been exhibited but is now hanging at Boucherie Chartier where it was installed as part of an ongoing initiative to bring more art to the village.  Originally we were going to go with my Big Blue painting but at the last second decided to switch it to Broken given our current times; more appropriate considering what we are all going through.

One Love by Reni Fee

The BROKEN original painting is Oil on Canvas, 30x40 and is currently for sale, please contact me if interested. 

Limited edition Fine Art Prints are also now available, each one signed by me!  They are museum grade made using a very high quality matte Pura Smooth 420gsm OBA-free paper & vibrant archival inks. They are made locally here in Montreal, resistant to scratches and are perfect for framing.  

Also I'm super excited about our new ONE LOVE wearable art collection.  The many rainbow colors evoke feelings of love and happiness which we hope to bring to you when wearing our art, because really....we all need more of that!

Artist Generations - Wearable Art - One Love Collection

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To see me chatting away about it check out our latest YouTube video One Love!

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