New Silk Scarves ~ Ooh la la!

New Silk Scarves ~ Ooh la la!

Our primary goal at Artist Generations is to continually nurture our creative process and share it with everyone around us!  We do this by creating fine art and transposing the image onto unique, must have clothing pieces of wearable art that will enhance your mood and energy level every time. 

Right now we are really excited to tell you about our new scarves……luxurious SILK scarves!  Many of our customers have asked us if our scarves were available in silk so we couldn’t be more happier to finally say yes, yes they are! 

Spring Fling scarf size 36" x 36" featured in our smiley happy picture below! 

Artist Generations - Wendy Fee and Reni Fee

Luxury you not only deserve but can afford!

Our scarves are now available in 100% natural Silk Habotai which is a gorgeous lightweight & airy silk.  Starting at $32.00 they feature original artwork, vivid colors, pretty details and mesmerizing patterns.

We love the 50" x 50" size as it can also be worn as shawl or cover-up!

Artist Generations - Wearable Art - Scarves

You were born to stand out!

Why not wear art?  Feel special knowing you are wearing an original piece of art which has been made just for you!

Thanks for supporting local!

Like all of our products, each scarf is printed, hand-cut and sewn locally in Montreal, QC.  

How do we do it?

We are lucky to work with a wonderful manufacturing partner who has mastered the art of transferring our art onto silk using a unique process called reactive printing. 

Reactive printing involves four main steps: pre-treating fabrics, printing, steaming and washing.  It’s a long process but certainly worth it as it means our scarves are fully washable, perfectly soft and will never fade.  Rest assured that your scarf colors will always remain as vibrant as the day you buy it, even when you are still wearing it many years from now!  Trust us, you'll be passing your new scarf onto your grandchildren!

Feel good about what you wear!

Also important to us is how our printing effects the environment.  The dyes we use are water-based and print a huge spectrum of lively colors that are all environmentally friendly.

Reactive Printing

Reactive printing ‘on-demand’ is a also a low waste process and better for the environment since every meter we print is for a specific customer.  This means we never have overstock or dead stock.

Fabrics that print incorrectly can simply be washed and reprinted.  The washing machinery recirculates water to minimize water usage. The steamer uses less than 40 liters of water most production days.  Natural gas heaters are used to power the printer heater and our partner practices widely accepted energy saving techniques daily within their facility including recycling all cardboard, papers, and plastics.

See it, like it, buy it!

If you love what you see don’t wait too long!  All of our designs are limited!

The 36" x 36" is our most popular size but if you love to have lots of 'wraparound' we recommend the 50" x 50".  The smallest 16" x 16" size looks great as a bandana or up in a ponytail.  What's your favorite?  We want to hear from you! 

Simple & sophisticated, our scarves are a definite wardrobe staple in every climate!

It’s been two years now since we started working together and we really do it because we love it, dream it & live it.  We still wake up daily and say 'Why not wear art' and hope you now will too!

Artist Generations - Wearable Art - Reni Fee and Wendy Fee

Thanks for reading,

Reni & Wendy xx

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