Lady In Red - Original Artwork by Wendy Fee

Lady In Red Original Artwork Statement

Some mornings in my studio I ease into the day’s work with a second coffee in hand, reviewing progress from yesterday’s session or simply taking time to select the right music for my mood; any number of delaying tactics.

On this morning however, I was eager to get the vision in my head onto the canvas: a secret garden surrounded by crumbling stone walls; slightly out of focus with texture being the predominant feature of the painting.

After a few hours of being fully absorbed in the process I stepped away, leaving the studio for a short time. When I came back to the painting I found that a “Lady in Red” had wandered from the ball and found her way into this hidden sanctuary.

Red, the colour of energy, passion, ambition, anger coupled with subtle shades of pink, symbolizing unconditional love, surrounds the aura of this mysterious woman.

Can you see her or has she slipped away as quietly as she arrived? Is she awaiting a forbidden tryst or plotting her revenge?

Lady In Red - Original Artwork by Wendy Fee

Lady In Red by Wendy Fee

24 X 18

Acrylic on canvas




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