J’adore Monteal

J’adore Monteal


J’adore is the perfect French phrase to express my enjoyment and delight with Montreal, the city I grew up in. My memories turn to the indigo nights of summer, and the glimmering blue-black shadows on the night streets of winter, both alive with the fissure of excitement and intrigue.

There is one night (of many!) that stands out for me, however, when my family and friends gathered to celebrate a landmark birthday of mine. Moving from a home soiree via limo to front of the line access at Funky Town, we danced and laughed until closing time. Spilling out onto the street, we joined our fellow revelers making their way home and savoring the sounds, sights and camaraderie unique to Montreal.

It is these emotions that inspired me to create this abstract cityscape. I hope that as a viewer you are drawn into this space and that you too may “J’adore Montreal”.

The original artwork is part of a private collection but J'adore Montreal prints are now available as well as being a January 2021 feature on our wearable art!

J'Adore Montreal

Acrylic on Terraskin

24 X 36

J'Adore Montreal Original Art by Wendy Fee

Wendy xx

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