In It Together Artwork Statement

In It Together Artwork Statement

After losing our dream home in the Bahamas, I needed to just get to the studio and lay down some paint.

The completed canvas (or so I thought) was left on the easel for a few months of travel. 

In It Together Original Artwork by Wendy Fee

When we returned and our quarantine began, I gravitated again to this painting and kept on going, everyday adding more: marks, more layers, more hope.

In It Together for me, reflects the full circle of sadness, anger, frustration and then the beginnings of hope and the healing process.

In It Together is part of my Abstracts series collection.  Utilizing the vocabulary of shape, form, color and line, this collection exists with a degree of independence from any visual references familiar in this world. With this collection the goal of the artist is to showcase new perspectives through imagination, tossing away the limiting confines of reality.

The original artwork is Acrylic on Canvas, measures 48 x 48 x 1.5 and is currently available at our Artist Generations Art Studio in Valois Village, QC.

Wendy Fee Studio Art

p.s. Each piece in the In It Together collection is stunning, however my “go to” are the tote bag and the clutch :) 

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