Feeling like I need a little bit more Spring in my Fling!

Feeling like I need a little bit more Spring in my Fling!

So here I am finally getting back into the groove after several weeks of winter blues funk.  It happens every year….the lead up to Christmas, the holiday madness and then usually when I’m ready to get back into the swing of things I get super sick….my kids get sick & then life throws up on you for a bit until say mid to end of Jan…..or is that just me?  Either way it seems to happen every year and of course during this time it’s winter in Quebec where one can easily go 2 weeks without seeing the sunshine and need to rely heavily on Vitamin D to stay sane.

So it’s usually end of January when maybe the sun will come out, maybe my health will come back and hopefully the kids will be back at school and with all that my inspiration eventually returns and I start dreaming about colors and warmth and summer sunsets….a winter coping mechanism no doubt! 

Looking back this is exactly when and how Spring Fling came to life.  I painted it with so much freedom in a wonderful art class with a wonderful teacher Katica Sitar who encouraged the spirals & explosion of colors.  My spirals flowed naturally with the oil paints I was using as oil paints tend to blend so beautifully and take a long time to dry allowing for multiple layers of various shades. 

Starting out....

Spring Fling by Reni fee


Spring Fling by Reni Fee

Today just thinking about originally painting my ‘Spring Fling’ makes me happy.  The colors are amazing & always evoke such positive emotions.  The final painting is below & also now featured in our ‘Spring Fling’ wearable art collection.  I once got a comment from a friend who bought the capris that she couldn’t stop looking at her legs because the colors made her so happy which to this day is one of the best compliments I have ever received! 

Spring Fling by Reni Fee

I was actually so inspired by Spring Fling and the feedback I received from other artists that I went on to paint True Blue, Dragon Fire, Spiraling Down and Summer Haze which are shown below and which were exhibited in En Plein Art in 2018. 

True Blue...

True Blue by Reni Fee

Dragon Fire..

Dragon Fire by Reni Fee

Spiraling Down...

Spiraling Down by Reni Fee

Summer Haze...

Summer Haze by Reni Fee

So definitely for me art helps me get through the winters & reminds me that eventually the sun will come out.  Spring Fling is an art story about hope, about love and about healing.  

To hear & see more check out our YouTube channel where we are doing our best to share or stories!

Thanks for reading!

Reni xx

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