Early Summit Artwork Statement

Early Summit Artwork Statement

These days I spend as much time as I can near or on the water, however, I grew up skiing in the Laurentians north of Montreal; loving those days spent on the slopes.  When I first experienced the Rockies of Banff and Whistler I was truly captured by the beauty and mystery of these mountains, awed in the presence of such primal elements.

This is the inspiration behind Early Summit.

I love creating texture with a palette knife and then laying down washes of paint using a limited palette.  It is the same process I use when painting seascapes.  I have come to realize that once again, water is the foundation for both and therefore no surprise that I am drawn to these forces.

 “The mountains are calling, and I must go” -Author unknown

Witnessing the peaks emerge in morning light still wrapped by drifting fog, I too feel the call and yearn to “Early Summit”.  It is my hope that this painting evokes the same feeling in you.

Early Summit is now hanging in our new studio in Valois Village, Pointe-Claire, Quebec.  Please be in touch if you wish to see it in real life!  

Also available as a limited edition print!  Thanks for reading, Wendy xx

Early Summit

Acrylic on canvas

32 x 34

Early Summit by Wendy Fee


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