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Dash & Dive Earth Day Tote - Wearable Art With a Plan

At a recent visit to the Botanical Gardens in Florida to see the “The Washed Ashore” exhibit, I was enchanted with the giant marine sculpture of a jellyfish; however the wonder of experiencing such a beautiful creation was counterbalanced by the materials it was composed of, plastics and marine debris.  In “Water Bottle Jelly” you will find nylon rope, water bottles, bottle caps and buoys in this blue jellyfish.

Washed Ashore - Art To Save The Sea

Plastic pollution in our oceans and waterways is a global crisis. Each year whales, seals, sea birds, sea turtles and other marine life die after ingesting plastic or becoming entangled in it. Plastic pollution has spread into all marine habitats at every level of the food chain. Plastic bags strongly resemble sea jellies in the floating stage of life, and hungry sea turtles often cannot tell the difference. This deadly mistake is now one of the biggest threats to sea turtles worldwide.

Washed Ashore - Art To Save The Sea

The “Washed Ashore” project creates powerful art that captivates all ages and teaches environmental conservation and sustainability. It’s founder Angela Pozzi began in 2010 to Make Art to Save the Se,a rallying her small community of Bandon, Oregon and founding the non-profit organization. Today over 10,000 volunteers have helped clean beaches and worked with Washed Ashore to process over 20 tons of debris into 70 sculptures of the animals affected by plastic pollution. These sculptures now tour as “The Washed Ashore Project” traveling exhibits, educating and inspiring countless people from diverse backgrounds to take action in their own lives and prevent contributing to this global problem.

As a mother-daughter team we share many of the same goals and inspirations for our extended families and what the future holds. Inspired by the “Washed Ashore” project, Reni and I felt that Earth Day would be the perfect opportunity to contribute in our own way through Artist Generations. Dash & Dive is what we came up with, we’re excited and hope that you will be, too!  Wendy xo

Dash & Dive

Dash & Dive arrived on the boat early in the New Year and is the Jelly Dancer chosen by Artist Generations to represent Earth Day. The Dash & Dive diverse day tote bag will be offered for a limited time throughout the month of April.  For every Dash & Dive day tote bag sold during this period Artist Generations will contribute 10% to the “Washed Ashore” project. We will be posting our daily results on Facebook and Instagram, so please follow our progress and pass it along.

Wearable Art - Artist Generations - Dash & Dive Tote Bag - Earth Day

A must have “do-everything-for-you” tote bag with this cheeky Jelly Dancer inside and out! With an adjustable strap for comfort this perfect tote is made from 14” X 17” soft and supple neoprene that stretches to fit whatever you can throw at, or in it! To say we love it is an understatement. Dash & Dive has a plan: to help raise awareness for plastic pollution and be a small part of the solution.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”- Margaret Mead

For more information on the “Washed Ashore” project please click on the following link: http://washedashore.org

For more information on Angela Pozzi, the founder of the project please click on the following link:  www.seathingsart.com

For more information on Wendy Fee, Dash & Dive artist, please click on the following link: www.wendyfee.com

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