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Cosmic Jelly Dancers

It’s been a few years since my Jelly Dancers arrived to welcome me to their world.  Since the first trio appeared, many have followed.

The Jellies thrive in the seventy percent of our planet that lies underwater in the vast waters of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern and Arctic oceans.

They are however, known for their spirit of curiosity.  It was on just such an occasion, when the stars twinkling in the night sky over the Bahamas reached down into the Atlantic invitingly.  With a wink at each other and a “why not?" attitude, three Jellies launched themselves into the universe, becoming the first Cosmic Jelly Dancers with many more to follow!

It was my Cosmic Jelly Dancer original artwork that inspired our "Cosmic Jellies" collection wearable art collection which quickly became a favorite with our customers.  While the original artwork has been sold to a collector it is nice to know that the Jelly Dancer spirit lives on with Artist Generations.

If you'd like to know more about my other Jelly Dancers please read our 'Behind The Scenes Jelly Dancer' blog which is devoted entirely to jellies or check out my latest video below.

Thanks for reading!
Wendy xx

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