Celtic Sigh Original Artwork by Wendy Fee

Celtic Sigh Artwork Statement

Painting in a series and working on multiple pieces simultaneously offers me the freedom of mind to move from one to another, to be present with the laying down of paint in the absence of critical thought.

Celtic Sigh is one of six 12 X 12 works created in this manner. The palette of quinacridone nickel azo gold, quinacridone magenta, Indian yellow hue and naphthol red is a departure from my favourite mix of ocean blues and greens, however these are the colours that can blanket the sky, reflecting in the waters long after the sun has disappeared below the horizon.

The focal point of this painting is a swirling and textured design created with a palette knife in one fluid, continuous movement.  Gazing at the result immediately reminded me of a Celtic Knot, and I was amazed when my research revealed how closely my unconscious rendering resembled the Dara Knot. To the Celts, the oak tree’s roots represented divine resources and inner strength including leadership, wisdom and destiny. It is said that the Dara Knot draws inspiration from the winding and twining roots of the oak tree, and the symbolism of oak roots is grounding for all those who need anchoring in their own strength, also acting as a reminder for people to unite in difficult times and draw on their inner strength to get through tough challenges. 

My hope is that as the viewer you will soak up the colours of day’s end, and together we will embrace our inner strength and experience a collective Celtic Sigh.

Celtic Sigh Original Artwork by Wendy Fee

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