Dash and Dive - Wendy Fee

A Bit of Jelly Dancer Lore

There are days when creating art is not much fun. The concept in my head doesn’t come together on the canvas, my attempts end up in false starts and the frustration with myself grows.

It was on just one of these such days that my Jelly Dancers arrived to welcome me to their world. I had stepped away from the piece that I was working on, and instead set up three 8 x 8 gallery wrapped canvases with my favourite palette and started to play with mediums and paint. They appeared in full form, racing to the top, diving to the bottom, dashing around and having FUN!

Since the first trio appeared many have followed. They are all unique, yet they share one common characteristic; they are all extremely cheeky. I cannot control my Jelly Dancers, they go where they please, down to the fathoms or into the cosmos, and I willingly follow. I hope that you will too.    

Some of my Jelly Dancers are currently featured in our Pretty in Purple and Cosmic Jelly collections as well as our recent Earth Day 2018 Dash and Dive Tote Bag. 

Dash and Dive Original Art - Wendy Fee

xo Wendy

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